The MOBILE combines the technology of one of the world's highest-performance high-frequency generator, with a range of facilities usually unavailable.

The Stepanix COMPACT generator is the world's smallest 20/50 kW generator, with full battery and stand-alone capability. This powerful combination results in the most powerful MOBILE for all mobile generator applications. In particular, A&E rooms benefit from the very high-performance, high-frequency features, when it is dangerous to move the patient before a diagnosis is made.

The Stephanix Mobile is equiped with a Battery assisted 30 kW compact generator, the world's smallest X-Ray Generator in its cathegory.

Equiped with an high frequency invertor the Stephanix Mobile unit can performs X-Ray exams without need of being connected to the mains. This feature in conjunction with a three points articulated arm facilitates patient positioning.


This mobile is frequently described as a "RAD room on wheels", such is its capability.


SM-20HF SM-30 HF SM-40 HF SM-50 HF
40-125 kV 40-150 kV 40-150 kV 40-150 kV
320 mA 500 mA 500 mA 500 mA
500 mAs 500 mAs 500 mAs 500 mAs
20 kW 32 kW 40 kW 50 kW


The first X-Ray Mobile unit with fix radiological room perfomance

Unsurpassed in the market place, with its enormous capability, the MOBILE is a very user-friendly device, being motor-driven to handle all gradients within a hospital. Independently driven wheels ensures that the generator may be placed in any position very easily, making imaging simple and straight-forward.

The precision control of the motor-driven wheel ensures positioning of the X-ray beam to millimetres, with as single cantilever arm to move over the patient. The long reach minimises patient discomfort, even when used with the optional AEC.

Built-in automatic collimator and automatic dosage compensation, with a simple facility,also built-in to measure the SID, ensures that the imaging process is painless and waste-free.

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